you will never get stuck on the side of the road with THIS KIT

 Stable, safe, and easy to use, allowing you to jack up the car in less than a minute


Our electric car jack provides effortless power when you need it most: when you’re stranded on the roadside with a flat and you want to change that tire fast. Simply plug the tool into your vehicle’s power socket/cigarette lighter, and you’ve got automatic lifting at the touch of a button.

That’s not all. This car jacks come with a host of additional tools to make the task even easier.

We’ve been looking at things such as lifting capability, kit components, and safe use. Our top picks satisfy a range of price and performance demands for those who are ready to buy. 

Whether you are among those people who drive a lot, or you only drive from home to work, the Electric Car Jacks are still one of the worth-having tools in your vehicles. With these tools, you will no longer have to manually jack up the car and sweat like crazy every time you replace the tires.

At the same time, you can also use it for many other purposes during your road trip emergency as well. Here, we have chosen the top 12 best electric car jacks in the current market. We have also added the buying guide as well as the pros and cons of each product too.


★Lifting Capacity

The lifting power or lifting capacity of an electric car jack is its maximum ability to lift weight in tons or pounds. If your current car’s weight is 2,400 lb, you might feel tempted to buy a smaller car jack.  However; what if you buy a heavier vehicle in the near future that weighs over 4000 lbs?

Therefore, it is practical to spend a few extra bucks and buy a heavy-duty car jack if you are a do-it-yourselfer. For most cars, trucks, or SUVs; a lifting capacity (or lifting torque) of 5.0 T or 11,000 lbs is desirable in an electric car jack.


The efficiency of a car jack is the time it takes to lift a heavy object. Our high-quality car jack do  lift a regular-sized car or truck in less than a minute.


This is perhaps the most important of all features to look for in an electric car jack. The machine should be stable and secure. It should ensure that the vehicle will not wobble or roll once it is lifted. The machine should also stop working as soon as it reaches its maximum lifting height.

Look for a car jack having safety features like a positive locking mechanism or and a deliberate release mechanism. These will prevent the lift from collapsing. A deliberate release mechanism helps ensure that the mechanism has to be consciously released before the lift can be lowered.


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